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All You Women Who Want to start Modeling
-Mary 2007/04/10

I get these questions a lot, alot.I just wanted to answer some basic Q & A for everyone who is interested in getting into the industry.
Q: Can I model on the side, with a 9-5 job.
A: 90% of jobs are booked on weekdays during 8am-5pm. If you want to model you would need to work a day job that is extremely flexible, most jobs are booked with a day or two notice! Some of my jobs are booked just the day before. It is practical impossible to work a job and model unless it is at a flexible restaurant or a coffee shop, or on weekends.
Q: Can I model if I live in a small town?
A: Not really. Not as a full time job at least. A lot of girls think that they can get with a big agency, then the clients will fly them out. The only way that works is if you move to LA or New York for a year or so to establish a client base, then maybe those clients will fly you out. But not forever.
Q: Will a reality show get me in the door?
A: Not really, it gets you exposure, but it is not always good. Most of the big agencies now don't want to mess with reality tv girls, becasue they come with baggage. Also certain clients won't book reality show girls. Be careful with the shows if what you really want to do is model.
答:不一定,這會讓妳有曝光率,但這不一定是好事。多數的大經紀公司現在都不想跟實境秀女生扯上關係,因為這會帶來包袱。有些特定客戶也不想預定實境秀女生。注意這種節目,假如妳真正想做的是Model。My appearing on top model did not get me in any doors, I'm glad that I was only on the show a short time, so that I didn't mess up my chances in the modeling world. It is not like that for everyone, there are a select few people that do well, but very few.
Q: What is the best way to get into the industry?
A: Ask someone in the industry what you should do with your look example : get your hair cut, a weave, lose weight ect. Then do it. Then get good pictures taken by a highly recommended photographer. They will cost about $500. Next, send those pictures out to agencies and see if you get any bites. You can call the agencies and ask them what they like, or don't like about your look. Ask the agency if they would take you on if you can change that attribute.
答:問這行業的人要如何塑型,例如:剪髮或織髮、減重...等,並完成它。然後讓評價高的攝影師拍好照片,這大約要花500美金,之後寄這些照片給經紀公司,看看能否得到回應。妳能打給經紀公司,問他們喜歡妳哪裡,不喜歡哪裡。並問如果改善缺點之後,他們是否會要妳。If you get no response, modeling may not be for you, or you can continue to send you pics out every month. You never know when an agency may need your look. They may not this week, and may next month. Keep sending them out. Do not send out cut rate pics that your mom took in your back yard, unless she is an amazing photographer.
Q: I dont have money for professional pics, can I still send pics out?
A: If you don't have money for expensive pics then get out your old Polaroid and take like 20 pics, then make color laser prints of them and send them out. Agencies still love Polaroid's.
Q: What is a good size for a plus size girl to get work?
A: The leading plus size money makers are a size 12-16. The most important thing is that you are proportioned well. Not just top heavy or bottom heavy. 42'' 32'' 42'' are good measurements. It's different for everyone.
答:工作項目主要是Size 12-16,更重要的是妳的比例勻稱,不要過於極端42'' 32'' 42''是很好的,但不適用於每個人。
Q: Should I just go to New York and go to open calls?
A: You can, but it is better if you have a local agency sumbit your pictures first and make an appointment for you. Then You are not waiting in a cattle call line, and are taken more seriously.
Q:What if I don't have a local agency?
A: Then you can go into the agencies open call, send them out your pics and see if they interested first, you can also put down that you will be in town on certain dates, to see if they want to make an appointment with you. Even if they don't call you, you can still go to the open call.
Q: What do I wear to an agency?
A: Wear clothing that flatters your figure, do not try to go in ultra trendy, with tons of make up and jewlry. Wear your best fitting jeans, heels and a fitted T. Wear light makeup that flatters your face, and your hair simple. Less is more with make up and jewelry. I like to wear Jeans, heel, and a white fitted T to agencies and castings, hair straight (with some body). Have your nails manicured with a natural color, and same with toes. People will look at them.
答:穿著可以讓妳凸顯曲線、風姿綽約的衣服,不要太過時髦,太多化妝與珠寶。穿最合身的牛仔褲、高跟鞋、T袖,化適合妳髮型容貌的淡妝。我喜歡穿牛仔褲、白T、高跟鞋、直髮去經紀公司與客戶那。要修剪手腳指甲,自然的顏色即可,人們都會觀察那邊。I am not an expert on modeling. I have modeled for 10 years but I have only been represented Nationally for the last year.